Your Support Makes a Difference: Sharing Hope through CWS Blankets

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Earlier this year, neighbors in Merced and Planada, California experienced severe flooding. Supporters like you were there with CWS Blankets and other resources –sharing love, spreading hope and giving help. 

The floods brought destruction to the predominantly Latino immigrant communities leaving many without basic necessities or the ability to get them.

“Communities that are on the margins are almost invisible to the majority of people,” shared Merced community leader Ella Luna Garza. “We aren’t aware of the deep needs that are present day-to-day, much less in the middle of a disaster,” she said.

Ella and other local leaders worked alongside dedicated CWS donors to provide CWS Blankets and other supplies to neighbors who lost everything.

 “These [items] show a person that there is someone that cares about them,” said Alicia Rodriguez, a community leader in Planada California. “They bring hope to these families who have lost everything in the disaster.”  

 “Thank you!” Ella added. “Your compassion and your care all come shining through. Thank you for serving your neighbors.”

Because of your loving kindness, neighbors around the world feel seen and cared for during times of crisis.