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Ministry. It’s a word that has priestly roots, but First Christian Church (Mansfield, Ohio) knows how much it’s a part of the identity of every member of their congregation. Not just clergy, not just leadership...every single person has the chance to minister to their neighbors. 

That’s why First Christian’s calendar is jam packed. They’ve got meals for the hungry in their community, horticultural programs to grow gardens and - you guessed it - CWS Blankets events!

Why take on so much? You probably know where they’re coming from, but when we asked Sandy Stout (a member of First Christian Church), she shared this humbling reminder: “We have been so blessed, we need to share our blessings and give back.” 

Sandy - like millions of compassionate people in sanctuaries around the world - does everything she can to root her identity in this. “Missions is important to me...It’s the way I’m made.”

We’re made that way, too. So is your congregation. That’s why we’re so grateful to be partnering with you in this important blanket ministry. Whether you help cover one neighbor or thousands, your blessings matter. 

Order your materials today to share those blessings as your ministry this year.