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Sleeping on hard surfaces like concrete is...well, hard. And in the winter, when those surfaces become ice-cold, sleeping is, at best, impossible. At worst, it’s deadly. That’s why congregations like yours act.

Members of Central Christian Church in Indianapolis knew their neighbors were suffering last winter. So they threw open their doors each night and invited the community in. When those doors opened, families in need were given CWS Blankets for bedding - meaning soft surfaces, warm covers and hope. The church also made sure to stock its “Free Store” with blankets during the day to protect even more neighbors from the cold.

This ministry has shown Pastor Linda McCrae how important a CWS Blanket is. Her words for congregations like yours? “It is because of your generosity that we are able to touch the lives of our homeless neighbors.”

When your congregation hosts a CWS Blanket Offering, you cover desperate neighbors with warmth. Together, we act on our call to offer peace and rest to the weary. Will you respond? Order your materials to get started.