The Warm Miracle of Love

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Top: Andrew Gifford organizing Hygiene Kits with volunteers, Middle: CWS Blankets, Bottom: Andrew Gifford, Matthew Stevens and Pastor Gini

Every time a community of friends and neighbors come together for a good cause, a miracle happens. For First Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ (also known as First Church), and St. John’s United Church of Christ, this is a common occurrence. Once a month, these two churches come together at an event titled The Largest Table where they welcome anyone and everyone to come to share a meal and celebrate the miracle of community.

This event, which is blessed with abundant meals and supplies to distribute to guests, recently received another gift: CWS Blankets and Hygiene Kits. Pastor Gini, who helped organize the event, explained, “these are the kind of blankets that people carry with them. They pack them up in their roller suitcase or their backpacks. They take them with them all day long and they use them that night and the next night because they become a permanent belonging.”

Our community engagement manager, Andrew Gifford, attended the event to help distribute blankets. He shared, “we have the heavy-weight wool blankets which are especially useful for those who call the outdoors home, who need to stay warm.” For our friends and neighbors who are experiencing homelessness, these blankets will provide warmth and comfort, and a soft reminder that they are known and loved by their community.

When you donate to the CWS Kits and Blankets ministries, you are helping us love our neighbors in a both generous and practical way. As Andrew explained, “without your support, we would not be able to do this good work, be the boots on the ground or really help our neighbors in need.”

Reverend Timothy Ahrens, another one of our partners at the event, expressed to us, “it’s a miracle what Church World Service does, and you’re a part of that miracle.” We invite you to join us as we blanket the world with love.