Small but Mighty: One Congregation’s Commitment to Sharing Compassion

CWSBlankets Stories

Brownville United Methodist Church in Brownville, New York has a small but mighty congregation.

With an average of 30 members, they’ve been supporting CWS Blankets for as long as Nancy Roberts can remember. She’s been a member for over 50 years and has been an integral part of the CWS Blankets ministry at her church.

This year was no different when they hosted a special kind of fashion show.

“It’s really like an un-fashion show,” Nancy explained. “Nobody was really dressed to the nines.”

The idea was simple: choose your favorite blanket and everyday item and walk down the aisle while Nancy described how the blanket and tool can help neighbors in need.

Brownville UMC’s pastor, Joe Auslander was excited to encourage others to participate by walking in the fashion show as a fisherman. “I thought [this] was a pretty neat idea to help the congregation relate. Quite a few people participated,” he said.

Their participation was noticed. “We donated 153 blankets and that total money was $1,530, which is the most that has ever been given since we started this program,” shared Nancy.

“People understood that this was a means to be out there in mission.” said Pastor Auslander.

No matter their size, one thing is true about the Brownville UMC congregation–they are committed to helping others through CWS Blankets.