When you host a Blankets offering, you are making life-changing impact for our neighbors in many of our own communities ... and around the world.

Showing God’s love: A tale of two churches

So many people are searching for hope and a little help. But it’s not always easy to find. CWS partner congregations like First Presbyterian and Cascade View Presbyterian Churches in Everett, Washington have the heart to serve.

When hope and help seem scarce, they are always there — answering the call with love and compassion.

Each week, The First Presbyterian Church welcomes over 150 people into their sanctuary to make sure they have a good meal to eat. But guests don’t leave with just a full stomach. By partnering with CWS, the church gives a physical reminder of love and hope that people can take with them —hygiene kits and warm blankets to ease the chill of the winter air.

While First Presbyterian give blankets, other congregations, like Cascade View Presbyterian Church hosts Blanket offerings.

“We have a church that believes strongly in how God calls us to love and reach out,” explains Cascade’s Pastor, Luke Hyder. “We, as a church, want to make tangible differences for those in need.”

And those tangible differences are needed and appreciated.

“They are so valuable and a gift from God,” shares First Presbyterian mission chair Dottie Villesvik.

Whether giving money or giving blankets, generous congregations and individual donors turn hope into action and make the sharing of these blankets and kits possible. Are you ready to turn hope into action? Order your free materials today!