Comfort during a storm

CWSBlankets Stories

4-year-old Roland holds a CWS Blanket he received after the tornado in Kentucky damaged the home he shares with his Grandma.

When Grandma Constance handed a CWS Blanket to her 4 year-old grandson, Roland, she could not have imagined the sense of comfort and safety it would bring to him.

Grandma Constance and Roland were severely impacted, last December, by the tornado that ripped through several small towns in Kentucky leaving homes and businesses damaged and lives forever changed.

In the midst of destruction was help, hope and a little bit of comfort…

“We received CWS Blankets and hygiene kits from church volunteers,” she shared. “They were exactly what we needed at that time in the temporary shelter.”

When things felt uncertain, Roland found comfort and security in the warmth of a blanket.

“Roland loves his CWS Blanket,” his grandmother said.

Even though they’ve weathered the storm, Grandma Constance says he carries the blanket with him everywhere–even outside to play.

“He told me he takes it outside for protection in case another tornado comes.”

Because of CWS supporters, Grandma Constance and Roland found comfort during a storm. “Thank you to the donors that gave this blanket to my grandson. It means so much to me and him.”