A Seat at the Master’s table

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Photo: Edward Sanchez / Mountain & Sea Collective


Have you ever experienced a time when you felt invisible, insignificant or forgotten? For many who are facing homelessness, disaster or other hardship that feeling is a daily reality.

God’s Kingdom and Restoration Ministries in Galveston, Texas is working to change that reality. And they’re doing it one person, one seat and one table at a time.

Four years ago, this Texas church began “The Master’s Table,” where every other month guests are invited to sit at nicely decorated tables to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

The ministry’s focus is on helping people facing hard times. “It was always our vision to feed the needy, feed the working poor, feed the homeless,” said Shiryln Thomas, co-pastor at the church.

Photo: Edward Sanchez / Mountain & Sea Collective


And a seat at this table isn’t just about the food. Because of CWS supporters who host offerings, assemble kits and donate blankets, participants like Robert, feel loved and know that God hasn’t forgotten them.

“They gave us these blankets today and we really needed them,” shares Robert. “We are really thankful… Extremely grateful and thankful.”

Thomas says that because of the help of CWS supporters, the guests who enter to dine at the Master’s Table leave filled with food and much more.

“To all the volunteers, the donors of Church World Service: God bless you! Says Thomas. “You are bringing hope to people that are hopeless. Keep doing what you are doing because you are making a difference.”

Photo: Edward Sanchez / Mountain & Sea Collective